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A Matjiesfontein Ghost Story: The Lady in White

Posted on Wed March 9, 2016.

Matjiesfontein is reputed to be the most haunted town in South Africa. The history of this Karoo oasis includes; fortification during The South African War (formerly known as The Anglo-Boer War) as headquarters of the Cape Command, refuge for Jamieson Raid reformers, and the venue of controversial war crimes hearings.
With such a colourful history, many stories abound of ghost sightings, though they are after all just stories—or are they?

There are no malevolent ghosts here. The ghosts of Matjiesfontein are said to be both playful, and even mischievous, or they are totally unconcerned with events around them

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The Owl House

Posted on Fri February 26, 2016.

Link your Karoo road trip with a Victorian sojourn in Matjiesfontein, to the awe-inspiring sight of the Valley of Desolation; and finish off in Nieu Bethesda with a visit to one of the Karoo’s most precious cultural treasures, the Owl House.

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The Olive Schreiner Cottage

Posted on Sat February 20, 2016.

Olive Schreiner, one of the first voices of literature and feminism in South Africa, lived in Matjiesfontein for a number of years.

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Matjies Memorials

Posted on Fri February 12, 2016.

Matjiesfontein is a place saturated with history—you simply have to walk down its quiet main street to feel the hum of the past all around you.

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A walk around our gardens

Posted on Fri February 5, 2016.

Our lovingly curated gardens are an oasis of green amidst the Klein Karoo scrub; a fertile desert hideaway that attracts diverse birdlife.

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