Olive Schreiner Cottage

'The full African moon poured down its light from the blue sky into the wide, lonely plain. The dry, sandy earth, with its coating of stunted karoo bushes a few inches high, the low hills that skirted the plain, the milk-bushes with their long finger-like leaves, all were touched by a weird and an almost oppressive beauty as they lay in the white light.'

The Olive Schreiner Cottage, named after the famed South African author who wrote The Story of an African Farm, is a luxury two-person cottage on Logan Street, the historic main street of Matjiesfontein. The cottage is situated next to the Post Office and offers a bedroom with en-suite bathroom including both a bath and shower, and the classically furnished Schreiner lounge

Olive Schreiner—one of the first voices of literature and feminism in South Africa—lived here for a number of years. Today, her cottage is a landmark in the village. It has also been reported that venerated author, Rudyard Kipling, on his first journey to the Cape, made a special journey specifically to visit her here.