Matjiesfontein - South Africa

"It is curious, and to me very attractive this mixture of civilization & the most wild untamed freedom; the barren mountains & wild Karoo & the railway train."- Olive Schreiner, March 25th, 1890.
Take a trip on the Old London Bus, let yourself be summoned to dinner by trumpet, soak up the history in the Transport or Victorian museums, take in the uniqueness of the Karoo with veld walks, hikes and mountain bikes, visit the Boer War British Army remount encampment site (c.1900) nearby, play a game of tennis, or simply relax, and read in of the hotel's opulent lounges or by the residents only pool.

Matjiesfontein News


An oasis nestled in the vast and hauntingly beautiful landscapes of the Karoo; a quaint, self-contained village at the fringe of the Witteberg mountains, rich in history.

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A wag of the tail, a lick on the cheek, those smouldering puppy dog eyes…all tell-tail signs begging to join you on your next adventure.

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“The best part about waking up is coffee”

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