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Five things you may not know about trains

Posted on Tue October 20, 2015.

There are a few ways to get to Matjiesfontein: one of them is of course by railway. The original station here opened on 1 February 1878 as the railway made its way north, reaching Lainsburg later the same year.

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Laingsburg Lamb 

Posted on Wed October 14, 2015.

The Dining Room at The Lord Milner Hotel has been serving its guests for the last 120 years.
These days—using local ingredients sourced from the district—Head Chef Tronette Dippenaar creates contemporary takes on traditional South African dishes; including a variety of lamb dishes, using Laingsburg Lamb.

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Dreams: part two

Posted on Thu October 1, 2015.

To a small girl-child, who may live to grasp somewhat of that
which for us is yet sight, not touch.


These Dreams are printed in the order in which they were written.

In the case of two there was a lapse of some years between the writing of the first and last parts; these are placed according to the date of the first part.

Olive Schreiner.

Cape Colony,
South Africa.
November, 1890.

*The second poem in the series

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How to grow a Red Hot Poker Plant

Posted on Wed September 23, 2015 in Garden.

The drought and heat tolerant Red Hot Poker Plant is native to South Africa.

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SALT and stargazing in Sutherland

Posted on Fri September 18, 2015.

Sutherland is a stargazer’s dream. Its clear, cloudless and pollution-free night skies along with its high elevation above sea level make it a prime destination for admiring the universe and its wonders.

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