Posted on Tue February 28, 2023.

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you!

Stargazing in Matjiesfontein is a common pastime, as the location in the Karoo is perfect for stargazing due to little light pollution from the town and surrounding areas.

Looking at stars keeps things in perspective for us and reminds us that there is so much more to the world!

Stargazing is an activity for anyone, young or old. Stars can be relaxing and even a meditative hobby with friends and family, or even a romantic evening outdoors with your partner; it offers the feeling of endless space! The night sky is a perfect backdrop to spend quality time together and learn about the constellations and space.

Look out for the Milky Way, seek out the galactic plane and spot some well-known constellations like Orion’s Belt, the Southern Cross and more.

Photo Credit: Stephen Coestsee

Did you know that five planets can be seen with the naked eye? Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are the five brightest planets, and on very clear evenings (and time of the year) you may be lucky enough to see them.

The best spot to stargaze at Matjiesfontein is from the town’s historic cricket pitch where light is minimal, allowing the night sky to take centre stage. The best time to go is days before, during or soon after each new moon, when there is little or no moon in the sky to wash out light from fainter stars.

We are also very excited that Matjiesfontein was chosen as one of only three locations worldwide to position a LEGS facility due to the Karoo’s clear skies and lack of rainfall meaning the location is ideal to monitor outer space. Apart from its low radio frequency interference and good weather conditions, the location of Southern Hemisphere allows NASA to situate additional satellite tracking infrastructure. Read more about "Space Meets Matjies".

Ready to stargaze in Matjiesfontein yet? We invite you for a weekend getaway to learn about the starry night sky! Join us on a guided talk where you’ll get to learn all about the skies astronomical wonders. Please note this experience is weather dependent.

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