The Snake Eagle Thinking Path

Posted on Fri September 4, 2015.

The Snake Eagle Thinking Path in Matjiesfontein is the first permanent geoglyph created as part of the Karoo Geoglyph Project.

The impressive structure - and meander - is in honour of a breeding pair of Black Chested Snake Eagles who are resident in the area. 

‘The geoglyph consists of one continuous line - a footpath that leads the walker back to where s/he started, allowing the experience of wide open karoo veld and sky to soak in.

The Snake Eagle drawing celebrates the unity of specie and habitat. The heart of the eagle is formed by two intertwining shapes that symbolise not only the food of the eagle, but also the flow of water in the nearby river, and the air currents that keep it aloft. It is impossible to split the essence of an eagle from the wide expanse of sky that it inhabits, nor should a snake be imagined without the ground, vegetation and water of its home.’

The drawing measures at 170m x 57m, and the continuous line covers a distance of 1536m. It was created by volunteers and friends of Site_Specific Art between September 2014 and February 2015. Read more.  

Image by Lance Foster of Fluid Films.