Matjiesfontein - A Destination

Posted on Tue May 22, 2018.

Step back in time at Matjiesfontein, a small Karoo town, overflowing with history and elegance.

This small town is the ultimate destination for families, couples looking for a weekend away, weddings, corporates and more.

With so much to do and so much to see, Matjiesfontein is the perfect getaway and destination to experience magic, history and utter relaxation.

No matter what you are looking for, we have you covered. Soak up our amazing history in the museums, take in our collection of vintage cars, explore the Little Karoo with veld walks, hikes and mountain bikes or simply relax and read in the hotel’s opulent lounges or by the residents only pool.

Matjiesfontein offers everything that a world-class destination does—yet is wholly unique in the hospitality industry.


Learn more about some of our key features: 

The Old Post Office:

 A historical building that saw Olive Schreiner as well as Edgar Wallace post numerous letters and dispatches. Now home to unique gifts and collectibles, guests can browse as well as absorb the history of the building.


The Pink Church – Destination Wedding Venue:

A stunning turn of the century Pink Church (although no longer pink) is perfect for your dream wedding due to its quirkiness, charm and historic feel.


Historic Cricket Pitch:

One of the first international matches between South Africa and England took place at Matjiesfontein and many famous cricketers and teams have since played on this pitch.


Court House & Jail:

This historic court house and jail have seen many notorious individuals charged with terrible crimes.


Flourmill and Mineral Waterworks:

The windmill was used to harness wind in order to generate electricity while the waterworks, a shock to behold in the dry Karoo, provided 250 000 litres of water across the plains.


The Railway Station:

The original station opened on this site on 1 February 1878 as the railway made its way north, reaching Lainsburg later the same year.


The Traveller’s Chapel:

The Traveller's Chapel was originally built to house gas-generating equipment, which was used to light the village.



The Transport Museum houses a remarkable collection of vintage cars from the 1930s to the 1960s era.

The Marie Rawdon Museum’s contents were originally curated by David Rawdon and include personal and household items, antique war souvenirs and more.

The Railway Museum showcases a station master’s office dating back to the late 1800s as well as the original signal room.



The Old Bank Building:

The African Banking Corporations’ chambers opened in June 1897. The original teller’s counter and banking equipment are still on display.


British Army Remount Camp:

During the years of the British remount encampment, the area in front of the railway station served as parade ground, where over 10 000 infantry and 20 000 horses were camped in the surrounding veld.