How to grow a Red Hot Poker Plant

Posted on Wed September 23, 2015 in Garden.

The drought and heat tolerant Red Hot Poker Plant is native to South Africa.

Adding a bright punch to the landscape it does well in conditions of places like the Karoo, including our garden!

It’s also called Torch Lily and Poker Plant and comes in colours, red, orange, coral, cream and yellow.

Though we advise you to grow them in red as this is the hummingbirds' favourite colour, and the birds are attracted to the plant’s tubular flowers.

Planting tips
The like full sun.
Plant in loose, rich soil that drains well (mix in compost)
Avoid wet soils, as this can lead to rot.

It’s as easy as that. Or simply come and enjoy ours in mid-summer when they’re in full bloom.

What’s your favourite native South African plant? Let us know in the comments.